Alistair Economakis Boston University

Top 3 Marine Biology Colleges On The East Coast

The Atlantic Ocean is home to a wide variety of marine wildlife. From sea turtles and jellyfish to sea butterflies, sponges and various fish and shark species, the east coast of the United States is rich in sea creature diversity. The presence of so many fascinating animals offers students of marine biology the unique opportunity to engage in hands-on observation while pursuing their academic journeys.

At the recommendation of acclaimed Marine Biologist Alistair Economakis, here are 3 marine biology colleges on the east coast that every student should consider:

Boston University (Boston, MA)Alistair Economakis Boston University

The Boston University Marine Program (BUMP) provides students of Marine Biology with a range of active training and research opportunities. Unique to the University is a pathway known as the “Marine Semester,” a component of BUMP. The Marine Semester provides students with the unique opportunity to dip their toes in the waters of Marine Science. The academic pathway is open to students majoring or minoring in Marine Science, as well as students who are simply interested in exploring the possibility of pursuing the field. The semester consists of four research-intensive courses in partnership with a guided internship. Students engage in real-world scientific investigations, testing their skills in various locations nearby to BU.

Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, FL)eckerd-college

This private liberal arts college thrives on Tampa Bay, which affords Marine Biology students a breathtaking ocean setting where they can engage in hands-on research. Eckerd College’s Marine Science program prides itself on its real-world focus. Students in the department spend the bulk of their time outside of the brick and mortar classroom. Eckerd takes their students on-site to research locations, with classes often being held directly in Florida waters on the College’s school-owned fleet of vessels. Talk about hands-on!

University of Maine (Orono, ME)UMaine-Logo-featured-image

The University of Maine’s Marine Science program is among the strongest in the nation. Students participate in research at a variety of centers and institutions affiliated with UM, including:

  • The Darling Marine Center (Walpole, ME)
  • The Aquaculture Research Center (on campus)
  • Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research (Franklin, ME)
  • Gulf of Maine Research Institute (Portland, ME)

Learn more about Alistair Economakis and his own educational experience through his studies on the Greek seashore:

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